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Fran and Cody - Left Rein

Fran is beginning to gain feel now within her relationship with Cody and you can see Cody looking more confident and happy in his skin.  He has always loved  being with Fran but HE was looking out - for HER,  as she was so concerned about upsetting him or raising his energy levels.    Over this time Fran has learnt the power of play- letting go- allowing energy to flow- the energy of love.

We begin with a chat about clarity- offering thoughtful clear messages to our horse- this may mean that we wait and think- taking a step back from the connection  - a time to be-  rather than keep asking and asking with no time for reflection.

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Fran and Cody patient learning pt2 - Left Rein

Fran and Cody - Patient Learning

Here I talk to Fran about believing that we can achieve connection- from a distance- with breath-heart-energy connection.  It does take time and self belief to communicate in this way. This is part of natural herd language   and for us, as humans- it is our heart language- allowing- feeling lightness- fun and inner freedom. 

If Cody does not react to Fran's 'Ask's'  -  it is important that Fran shows no frustration- its like a game-  where there is no room for negative emotions-  Cody has felt too much of these emotions in his life.   It is so good for Fran - and for all of us- to learn  to wait-  to listen- to become thoughtful of how we ask rather than allow our frustrations to spill over--

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Cody Patient Learning

When Jenny met Jack - First Time Connection

You will have read Zoe's account about Jack and his past and present behaviour and trauma, this video now shows the first time I meet with Jack.

I decide not to create pressure but rather ASK for a little, wait a while and ask for a little more. I try to engage with his emotions and surrounding energy field

After a while I visualise cutting the chord of connection between us. I just stand relaxed and grounded – with soft eyes-- focused on my own energy release- I don’t stay with Jack in my mind at all. Its all about ME! This is the time when a horse feels this disconnection- and yet he wants to be within this field of energy.

At this point he walks towards me and stays with me. I feel huge energetic releases- which make me feel deeply emotional myself- tears flow. Then you will hear Jack release and blow through his nostrils- Whilst working with Jack I notice his rib cage looks solid and tight- because he has learnt not to let go- the worst will happen!!

Even though this is only the beginning of a new journey for Jack- he already chooses to follow me. I explain to Zoe- we don’t want Jack to work- we don’t want him to move in a certain way- we only want him to move because HE is a HORSE- and horses enjoy moving and self expression

So the next videos will show us asking for a little more- more connection- engagement- a more aligned and relaxed posture- as a result of his calmer energy.

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 jenny meets jack first time connection


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